The green revolution for ethical nutrition

Eating healthy is no longer just a fashion, a vegan lifestyle (Joy food) is a real choice to live better and help our planet. The trend towards a healthy lifestyle at go green is definitely on the rise around the world and studies show it. For example, in America, last year the number of vegans grew by 600% and in England, Sainsbury's predicts that 25% of Brits will declare themselves vegetarians and / or vegans by 2025.

55% of "converts" to green food do so for ethical reasons and analysts say that if the world became vegan

8 million lives would be saved by 2050 and greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by two thirds. But above all, this choice is increasingly widespread even among omnivores, conquered by a better quality of life, obtained by following more natural diets, and by the richness of the offer of vegan products by now absolutely similar to traditional ones in terms of taste and knowledge.

Greta Thunberg further clarified how the improvement of health mainly concerns the environment in which we live

the lifestyle we lead and the diet which, in order to promote our well-being, should be varied, rich in protein and vegetable fibers, bringing an increasingly large number of consumers closer to the veg world. And the new products launched daily on the market make it easy to follow these careful regimes even for those who have little time to devote to cooking, combining eating habits with their own rhythms of life and discovering tastes that have nothing to envy to the more traditional cuisine.

But vegans are not born, they become: with awareness.

The current lifestyle is no longer sustainable, we have the moral task of rethinking our life in a green key, and nutrition can be a good starting point. The historic Musacchio family of restaurateurs knows this well, pioneering the sector having opened one of the very first vegetarian restaurants in Italy back in 1979 with the marchio umbro JOY FOOD.

Their brand is Food Evolution which consists of a line of very high quality vegetarian foods designed not only to satisfy the finest palates, but also to help those who want to reduce or eliminate the consumption of meat, without spending too much time on preparing dishes, often laborious for vegans. In spite of what one might believe, vegan cuisine can be very tasty and appetizing, and Malu Musacchio , vegan chef tells us about it in detail. You are considered by the international press to be one of the greatest exponents of this type of cuisine.

Malu has worked in famous restaurants, writing two cooking bestsellers

And by training professionals from all over the world who come to study and work with her. An expert nutritionist and mother and wife in an all-vegetarian family, Malu Musacchio is the gourmet soul of the Joy Food vegan lifestyle.

"Autumn is the season for soups with vegetables from the garden and slow and fragrant cooking, with hot dishes capable of warming and nourishing our spirit to the fullest"

Malu said.

"One of the most popular dishes in our restaurant is Stroganoff , a creamy mushroom stew. The preparation, very simple, will bring you a dish that is truly surprising for taste, flavor and lightness. Just brown 2 cloves of garlic in a wok pan with a sprig of rosemary in 2 tablespoons of olive oil. As soon as they release their flavor, you can remove them to add the mushrooms, salt and pepper them over high heat: when they are crunchy, we will add the chopped parsley to remove them from the heat and set them aside.

In another pan we will heat the remaining oil in which to gently sweat the shallot.

We will add our Food Evolution herb stew, browning it for about 3 minutes until crispy. A light flambé with cognac, when it is at the maximum cooking temperature: and then we finish whipping with the sauce, a little cream (even vegan, if we prefer) and voilà, the Strogonoff is served, perfect to accompany boiled potatoes, polenta or white rice. A fast and impactful dish for both the eyes and our taste buds. And I assure you that every day the number of "omnivorous" customers who come to eat with us or look for our products increases to guarantee excellent flavors and an increasingly healthy life ".