Opening of the first vegetarian pub/restaurant

Those were times when people started talking about vegetarianism. The Vietnam War and the sixties had shaken the consciences and the principles on which man's lifestyles were based. 

The diet of those years was the result of a reaction to poverty caused by the Great Wars and it had led to the creation of intensive livestock farming and the disproportionate supply of food. For the first time, people wondered if that way of producing was right and if there could be other ways.

In this context, Alberto Musacchio stopped eating meat, and at the age of 19, he created with his brother a meeting place for the students of the city of Perugia, where it was possible to find an alternative to the way of thinking and eating of that time.


The Musacchio family settled in Montali.

One of the most beautiful spots in Italy, with faraway views, surrounded by the hills overlooking Lake Trasimeno in Umbria. Here the Musacchio family, just formed by Alberto and Malu, transformed a ruin dominated by brambles into a splendid garden where exclusively vegetarian cuisine was served.

The idea was to offer customers a different concept of "luxury hotel", enhancing other aspects rather than conventional ones. The main idea was the fusion of wellbeing with the best vegetarian cuisine in the frame of a wonderful natural surrounding.


An international reality.

The exceptional quality of the dishes combining vegetarian, Italian, and Brazilian cuisine is now famous and appreciated everywhere.

Dozens of Chefs have collaborated on a gastronomic success that has led to the sale of three cookbooks best sellers sold in 12 different countries. From the Guardian to the Observer, from the Jerusalem Post to De Standaard, from Marie Claire to Cosmopolitan, many have featured and celebrated this refined 100% vegetable cuisine.

Meanwhile, the family grew with the birth of little Damiano.


The first acknowledgments.

The English Vegetarian Society rewards Montali with the "Best Vegetarian Hotel Award" in the elegant setting of the Strand Hotel in London. This was the first of a series of prestigious awards for the work and efforts made over the years to realize the dream of bringing positive and sustainable change to the world.

A culinary laboratory.

In Montali the international collaboration with top-level chefs continues, leading to becoming a laboratory for developing vegetarian cuisine. The various types of food allergies and possible substitutes are studied, also to respond to specific requests of religious orientation.

In the meantime, the world is increasingly oriented towards vegan diets, thus new technologies are born to lead to the creation of alternative products to traditional food.


Joy Srl is born.

After feeding thousands of exclusive guests at Montali, the family decided to scale-up food production bringing into the market the fruits of the first Italian plant-based meat analog factory.

Thanks to the collaboration with the University of Wageningen and the development of a High Moisture Wet Extrusion system unique in Italy, the first "vegetable meat" was created.

A product designed not only for vegans and vegetarians but which can please and satisfy even the most omnitted carnivores.


Entry into large-scale distribution.

Thanks to innovation and great market response, the company could grow, raising awareness and appreciation of the concept of meat analogs in Italy. A theme that is increasingly being accepted as an important tool for safeguarding the planet.

Plant protein, as highlighted by the IPCC, is the most ethical and economical way to feed an ever-larger population. For this reason, Joy, with its Food Evolution line, wants to bring the 40 years of the gastronomic culture of Musacchio family to tables all over the world.

By choosing a plant-based diet, you will help us make the revolution one dish at a time!